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Snow Monkeys and Zenkoji Temple Day Tour

There are many monkey parks in Japan. However, there is only one which monkeys take an onsen (hot springs). Jigokudani Monkey Park is the chosen home of nearly 200 Japanese indigenous "Macaque" monkeys, who spend their days soaking in natural hot springs and observing the harsh winter environment that surrounds them. The park is located in "Hell's Valley," the name given to the area due to the steam and boiling water that bubbles out of small crevices in the frozen ground, surrounded by steep cliffs and formidably cold and hostile forests.
The park was opened in 1964 and is the only place in the world where wild monkeys bath in natural hot springs, making for a very unique and memorable experience. It can be quite cold in this area and as the walk to the onsen location takes about 20-30 minutes, we recommend some very warm clothing and sufficient shoe-ware.

We will take you to the historic town of Obuse .
stroll around the museum dedicated to famous Japanese wood-block print artist, Hokusai, enjoy shopping at Japanese souvenir stores, or explore the numerous Sake varieties available for tasting at the brewery.

One of the most visited and historic temples in Japan, Zenkoji Temple is a Japanese National Treasure and with a history dating back to the 6th century, our tour of this compound is sure to envision you with images of an ancient and wondrous past.
Enjoy shopping and strolling amongst the numerous lantern-lit souvenir stores and gallery shops.

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More than 150 outlet shops in a mall. Shopping!! Shopping!! Shopping!! More than 30 restaurants!! Lunch!! Lunch!! Lunch!!
If you get tired to ski or snowboard, another excitement will be here. Prepare new suitcase for this trip.

Karuizawa is well-known as a summer resort, cottage house, and John Lennon. John Lennon loved Karuizawa and stayed every summer. Manpei hotel, john usually stayed, is one of historical hotel since 1764. France bakery, john visits almost every day to get "French brad" during he stay in Karuizawa. Rizanbou, coffee shop, keep same atmosphere long time.
There are 7.8millions people visit there every year.
Olympic horseman game in 1964 Tokyo Olympic and curling game in 1998 Nagano Olympic are held in Karuizawa. There is only one place which held summer and winter Olympic game.

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Round One

Experience an essential part of modern Japanese culture and join us for an extremely fun and cheap half day tour to Nagano city's Round One Game Centre.
This amazing complex features the likes of; Arcade games (lots!!), baseball batting centre, CURLING, air-gun rifle range, kids corner, golf simulator, mini golf, mini soccer, 3 on 3 basketball, darts, billiards, roller skating, auto-rodeo machine, and lots more... Tour operates every Monday and inclement weather days, when unfortunately we can't ski or snowboard.
For bad weather days, tour reservations to be made by phone by 10:00am on the morning of bad weather. Seat has limit, carefully.

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